Give To RiverCross

When you give to RiverCross

You are building a bridge.

When you make a donation you are joining a community of people who envision a world where every child has hope, is free from trauma and thrives.

You are investing local.

When you invest with RiverCross you are providing funding to equip local people with the training they need to protect and restore local children from trauma.

You are going global.

Anyone anywhere can be a bridge of hope for vulnerable children. Your partnership helps equip people around the world in countries and communities far away.

You are changing lives.

When you support workshops, you are preparing the way for people to become trusted advocates for the vulnerable children in their community.

You are cutting edge.

What you are doing is ground-breaking. Organizations are working hard to break the cycle of trauma, but they are using Westernized training strategies. Your investment in story-centric training is revolutionary.

You are an abolitionist.

Your partnership sets children free from trauma and free to thrive. Through your investment children are set free to become who God created them to be.

What it takes to fund a Bridge Of Hope for a vulnerable child

$240 or $20 / month

provides one child with an advocate

$580 or $40 / month

provides two children with an advocate

$1200 or $100 / month

provides five children with an advocate

$2400 or $200 / month

equips one advocate for ten children

What It Takes To Fund A Bridge Of Hope For 1,500 Children

TOTAL: $300,000

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