Millions of children are trapped in trauma.

Learn how to set them free.


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270 million orphans and vulnerable children have experienced profound trauma.

We are on mission to change that.

We believe that sustainable work is locally led. So we train local organizations, churches and people in the core essentials of trauma-informed care so that orphans and vulnerable children are set free to thrive.  





Trauma can disrupt healthy development of neural pathways. Difficulty with attachment, cognitive delays and impaired emotional regulation are just some of the effects.


Ongoing trauma overloads the body with cortisol and adrenaline. This can weaken the heart, lead to diabetes, disrupt the immune system and can change the actual structure of a child’s organs.

Genetic Expression

Trauma can change genetic expression. If a child born with a genetic make-up to be tall and confident is abused and neglected, her genes may “turn off” causing her to be stunted and fearful.


Children with trauma history may be easily “triggered” and are more likely to react intensely. They may struggle with self-regulation, lack impulse control, and demonstrate a host of other challenging behaviors.


Children who experience trauma often believe they are to blame. They are likely to view themselves as “damaged” and perceive the world as meaningless. Many fear that God is like the adults who hurt them.

But it doesn’t have to stay that way


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Sign up for a free consultation to discuss your trauma training needs.

Our Training Program

We are on a mission to set vulnerable children free from trauma. When vulnerable children are protected, restored, and set free from trauma, they are able to thrive.


Through our workshops we equip people with the core essentials of trauma-informed care. Our training is unique in that our award-winning audio dramas anchor our program. 

RiverCross deeply impacted the way we do ministry. Because of the audio dramas, this training was far above other trainings we have done.”

Ministry Director, Lusaka, Zambia 

RiverCross Workshops

Holding Esther

Vulnerable Children and Trauma

Learn the core essentials of trauma care for children who have experienced orphanhood, sexual abuse, and exploitation as you journey with Sarah and Esther.

Topics Include:

Loss of parents and grief

Sexual abuse and exploitation

Trauma memories and self-regulation

Protecting children and teens from grooming

Self-care for caregivers

Making sense of your story

Building resilience

Post-traumatic growth


RiverCross Audio Samples

·Esther and Sarah seem to be enjoying a day by the river with their family, but then Esther is brought back to reality.

Esther dreams of the trauma she and Sarah have experienced and Maria helps her self-regulate.

Maria coaches Naomi as she learns the importance of listening and waiting patiently for the girls to share their stories.

Mwongo grooms Sarah for exploitation, but Maria intervenes just in time.

Maria confronts Mwongo showing how the application of protection policies keep vulnerable children from danger.

Trauma memories can occur, even in play. Elaina’s strong response surprised Esther.

Naomi helps Elaina process her trauma and discuss how to discern if a person can be trusted.

Esther writes a shares a beautiful lament to process her trauma.

Esther rejoices in Sarah’s return and helps her process her trauma by sharing her own experience and offering her hope.

Jabota Bridge

Children Impacted by War

Children in conflict zones are vulnerable to extreme trauma. Learn how to protect and restore these children from trauma by following the stories of Matthew, Luca and Salem.

Topics Include:

Identifying trauma

Grief and loss

Reducing anxiety

Executive functioning

Resilience building


Guilt and shame

Trauma-rooted anger

Community strengthening


RiverCross Audio Samples

Political unrest threatens the safety of Maria and Naomi and the home they have created with Esther and Sarah.

A fire destroys the girls’ home leaving them without shelter and vulnerable.

Meet Salem, Luca and Matthew whose joy is shattered when their village is overrun by a rebel faction.

Salem and Luca arrive at a refugee settlement. Will they be safe?

Salem is in danger at the refugee settlement. Can Naomi save her?

Luca shares what happened to him when he returned to the village to rescue his mother.

Join Luca in the camp of the Commandant where he is being groomed to be a child soldier.

Dr. Ngabire speaks words of value and hope over Luca as he struggles with the trauma he has experienced. 

Recommended donation of $25 per training session. Scholarships for individuals and grants for organizations are available.


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Sign up for a free consultation to discuss your trauma training needs.

RiverCross Trainers

RiverCross Trainers are equipped to lead workshops for their organization, church, in their community and around the world. 


As members of the RiverCross Training Team, Trainers participate in monthly training sessions via Zoom and provide monthly reports to share the impact of their work and celebrate how God is using them to build bridges of hope for the world’s vulnerable children. 


When we receive a request for training, RiverCross Trainers may be invited to lead workshops and discussion groups and receive a stipend for their service. 

Interested in Becoming a RiverCross Trainer? 

Step One: Participate in two RiverCross Workshops

Step Two: Complete Trainer’s Training

Step Three: Accept invitation to serve as a RiverCross Trainer

Cost: $350 (Renewed annually for $100)

Grants Available

Contact Devon Tarr, RiverCross Training Director and Trauma Specialist for more information.

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