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Local people who are with vulnerable and trauma-affected children in their homes, churches and organizations are their bridges of hope. They are the ones who are best-positioned to set them free from trauma. And when they train with us and learn the core essentials of trauma care, they become bridges of hope.

We get to come alongside them and build them up by praying, learning, serving, sharing and giving. We get to build bridges of hope.


With RiverCross, we believe that prayer is the most significant work we do. When we pray, we connect with God’s heart for the most vulnerable among us and partner with him to bind up broken hearts and set captives free. Through prayer, we build bridges of hope.

Every month we email a prayer guide to a group of dedicated supporters who partner with us through faithful prayer. Prayer partners may also choose to receive texts three times each week with short prayer prompts.


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One of the most compassionate ways you can build a bridge is to learn. When you learn about trauma and the vulnerable child, you deepen your understanding and have the information you need to engage in our mission to set the world’s vulnerable children free from trauma.


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Join an online RiverCross Discussion Group, held once each quarter, and learn what it’s like to experience childhood vulnerability. Over the course of 5-8 weeks, you’ll gather with others who share your heart, listen to an episode of a RiverCross audio drama and participate in a discussion led by a RiverCross Trainer.


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Build a bridge of hope by assisting a RiverCross Trainer. RiverCross Trainers need help with their discussion groups and workshops. Volunteer your time by assisting a RiverCross trainer by managing logistics and/or facilitating small group discussions. 


Assisting a RiverCross Trainer could be your first step in becoming a RiverCross Trainer yourself. RiverCross Trainers lead workshops and discussion groups online and in-person.


One of the most significant ways you can build a bridge is by sharing about RiverCross with your friends. Host a RiverCross Gathering in your home or at a restaurant. You can bring in a RiverCross speaker, or we will provide you with all the information, supplies and audio-visuals you need to host a gathering that will inform and inspire your friends to join you in building bridges of hope.  


Join our team of monthly partners.

Your generosity builds bridges of hope. When you give to RiverCross, you are equipping advocates to protect and restore children from trauma. You are strengthening families. You are training organizations. You are building safe communities where children have hope, are free from trauma, and can thrive. 


Monthly partners sustain the work through their consistent commitment from $20 to $200. For just $20 each month, you can fund a bridge of hope for one child.



Bring hope alive through your special gift. 

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